Service/warranty system

Comprehensive service complaint system for workshop equipmen for the German company ATH Hein in Poland.

Service/warranty system

One man

The system should be designed so that one person can manage it. One person can handle multiple countries, it doesn't matter. The quantity here is unlimited. The most important thing is that they have all the data in one place and can easily delegate work and manage the whole system.

So, you have one employee who manages the system, delegates work easily from the administrator panel with one-click methods.

Thanks to this, appropriate documents are automatically created and sent. Information, orders, assignments, and shipments of spare parts are living in own word. Notification made mainly by e-mails: email to service crew, e-mail to person who send the parts, e-mail to end customer,

email to admin and everywhere the right information is passing through, admin can made additional information to service crew etc.

In every e-mail service company can check all orders and other data about t

We can see this thanks to automatic emails, which are practically filled out based on templates, and work is often delegated via email. Here was a specific project because we dealt with separate service, separate installation, separate technical inspections. Therefore, the system is quite extensive and includes many functions. We received service, installation or inspection requests through a form completed by a user of the machine or distributor. This allowed us to have all the initial data necessary to handle such requests. Also, what was important here was the ability to accept video files in service requests.

Such services, inspections, and installations are placed on the main map, where there are also marks the services homes locations and can easily assign the appropriate tasks to the respective groups.

Such reports were coming into the main databases and in the main database, the main service technician could assign a technician to inquary, send replacement parts etc., or do the same in the case of service, assembly, or inspection if the appropriate service was selected and the shipment was commissioned. All the data related to this service and the filled documents for the service were automatically sent for printing, but only for writing the service part, and then the technician could fill in, for example, the assembly protocol, because the PDF was printed only for signing and adding any comments during assembly or inspection.

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